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I help successful women connect with their intuition and inspire themselves through a deep conversational coaching partnership.

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Personal Coaching for Change-Making Women

My offering to you as a solution-focused coach, is a one-on-one partnership that dives deep into an exploration of your goals and dreams, works with your already exquisite strengths, and helps you establish new ways of being.

Personal Coaching

Inspiring Dialogue - Speaking Engagements

Looking for someone to speak at an event focused on trusting your inner guidance, creating your dreams, and aligning with your already phenomenal talents, strengths, and skills in a divinely rooted way? I’d love to work with you to create something meaningful for your situation. Let’s get talking!

Speaking Engagements

Cocreative Workshop Design & Delivery

I offer opportunities to come together as a vibrant group, dig deep into yourselves and emerge sharing dreams, hopes, and plans for making them happen. With my skills in coaching, facilitation, journalling and deep inner work I can design and offer a program that fits your desires, whether as an individual collaborator in a larger workshop or for a group of your own.

Cocreative Workshop

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